Reflection Module 2 Building Classroom Community

Melodee Sweeney

Reflection and Summary

In this module we had to read about building classroom communities and how important creating a community in an online classroom is to student success. After the reading on the background information about building communities we had to outline some principles for effective online instruction.  The principles that I can up with were:

1. Online Learning Should Be Effective – It should accomplish the goals set forth.

2. Online Learning Must Be Inclusive – To all students, no matter the handicap or learning style.

3. Online Learning Should Encourage Community Within the Virtual Classroom – Community is what creates a successful learning environment, be it traditional setting or virtual.

4. Online Instruction Should Be Motivating – It should keep students interested and wanting to learn.

I really enjoyed reading my classmates principles as well. All had really good insight and touched on things I had not thought of.

We also had to join a group to work on a certain topic and create a wiki. I chose K-12 Collaboration and Community Building Guidelines. I have to say I really like the group I am working with. We are getting an early start by already having had our first brainstorming session using ThinkBinder. We had some trouble with all four of us trying to use the video feature, but one of my partners, Adam, was quick on his feet, so we collaborated in ThinkBinder while discussing it over Skype. Which brings me to another guideline, flexibility. I have really enjoyed getting to know this group and I look forward to completing this project with them.

I have to say that during the first module, I was really intimidated about using Wiki’s, but since then have grown to love them. I am helping my sister in law who is also in education, write guidelines for her professional development seminar on nutrition in schools. I suggested instead of emailing, using a wiki. It was the first time she had ever used the tool, and I felt incredibly useful. So I have grown to love the wiki, and I am grateful I learned how. I can see how it will be a useful tool in the future.





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