Module 1 Wiki Icebreaker


Using a wiki is something that I have never done until this assignment. I was remarkably delighted at how easy this was to use for collaboration. At first my mind could not understand how we could collaborate in “real time” being used to using email and text to collaborate and create. Even though I use technology everyday, I am still surprised that there is so much I didn’t even know was out there and what it can do.

In my classroom I have used spreadsheets to have students create such things as class databases, and encyclopedias. But here even the information had to be emailed or downloaded to add it to the main spreadsheet. Wiki’s could be the answer to this problem. Through a wiki students can collaborate without having to wait for someone to send an email or download their work. It could also be used for collaborative presentations for the same reasons mentioned above. I believe that for things like presentations it could cut down on confusion and help with duplicating ideas or other elements because students can deal with it quickly and work as a team. I believe in the classroom it would remove much of the frustration that goes along with collaboration sometimes.

It also helps show who is collaborating and who is not.In the article it showed the percentages of what people where doing what task. I like this idea because as a teacher it helps me with intervening if I see someone slacking and as well as grading. I would allow my secondary students to decide on which role would go to what person in the collaboration and then follow who is doing what and to what amount. This really helps with complaints from students when someone is not pulling their weight, or if someone is monopolizing the work.

Learning how to use a wiki has been a real eye opener for me. I am excited about using the tool in my classroom, which is somewhat humorous considering how intimidated I was the first time I read the assignment. I could not even picture how this was going to work. However, when I started to get in there and work, I had to laugh at myself for being overwhelmed by something that was really so simple to us. I believe that my students would not have near the anxiety or any at all. Overall, I cannot wait to try this tool in my classroom.


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