Professional Learning Network Plan

Summary of PLN Plan

I cannot write about a current PLN because there is none. For the future, I hope that I get a chance to implement such a plan to a school that is waffling with technology, much like the one where I taught. The participants are everyone from the school leadership to the community to the students. Everyone has to be involved in order for it to be a success. There are three phases: Phase 1 will last three months for organizing and planning, phase 2  will also last about 3 month to procure funding and organize budget plan, and phase 3 will last three to six months to implement plans, assess and adjust. All of the length of these phases are estimates it could move faster or slower depending on outside variables.

The most important thing after budgeting for teachers to receive proper training on how to utilize technology in the classroom effectively through professional development and practice in the classroom. Teachers should be assessed to make sure they are using technology in an effective way. This will be difficult since some will utilize it more than others, and since I feel that technology is not needed for every lesson. There are many effective teachers that do not use technology at all, and I would not want them discouraged. This is why some leniency should be given here along with feedback and modeling if needed.

After creating a PLN plan, I was really able to see how important planning technology use is. In everything there is a need for a game plan and this is no exception.
Without one, there can be no way to assess how well the technology is enhancing learning. I realized how important it is to let everyone know what is expected them and what their role is. It is also important to lay out a time line to help all of the participants stay on track and also be able to see how far they have come.


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