Technology Use Planning Overview

I would describe technology planning as a plan both concrete on paper and implemented by personnel that outlines an effective means of how to use technology in an effective way.  How might the new National Educational Technology Plan 2010 be an effective and powerful resource for technology use planning? “The National Educational Technology Plan 2012” has the potential to be effective by approaching education as being individualistic in nature. The Educational Technology Plan can be a great tool for technology use planning. Technology can be brought in on all levels. It can help individual needs through being accessible to those who need after the day ends. Through a plan, teachers can connect to students, family members, and colleagues through the use of technology. This in turn can help build a community feel to a child’s education.

I agree that a plan should be short-term simply because a plan needs to be evaluated and then modified if needed. Also with new technology coming out, it helps with keeping up to date with new technology and methods. This in turn can keep technology and its applications fresh and relevant. It is more important to focus technology plans on applications and not just technology. Just because something in technological, does not mean that it needs to be implemented in the classroom.  In the Article, “Relating Technology Education Goals to Curriculum Planning” it asserts that If the technology’s application enhance the content or standard being taught, then, and only then, can it be seen as an attribute to the classroom.

I have never been in a school that had a technology plan. I am sure now after viewing the U.S. Government’s website on state plans, that there was some sort of plan at the state level, but as a school we were given technology and left to see what we could come up with. In the schools that I have taught in there was no real collaboration, and no real goal. We could brag that we had Smart-boards, but had not idea how to use their application for the most beneficial outcome. In most cases it was a glorified white board. There were some teachers that used the available technology and are able to create an authentic learning environment, but there was no formal plan. I am not taking anything away from those schools. They were all great schools. However, having a technology plan if done with right goals in mind could only help performance.

I would address technology issues in the schools discussed by trying to get a technology plan implemented. I would suggest looking in the state technology plan and aggressively implement it in the school. Times have changes since I started in education just 10 years ago, and things will keep on changing. As an educator, I feel that it is my duty to keep abreast on anything that could help the learning environment in my class.


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