RSS Feed

RSS Feed

RSS or “Really Simple Syndication” is a group of web feeds that get updated regularly. It can be news headlines, blogs, videos, and audio. By understanding how to use RSS, people can receive information as it is published. You can continually check information without missing anything vital all in one place. You can also send out or publish information to your audience keeping your website or blog current with ease and bring in more readers.

RSS can have educational benefits as well. If you are a teacher you can easily share information with your students from many different sources all in one place. It can also be used as a tool for communication.  You can have a classroom blog, where students all have their own blogs that you can combine and create into a type of newsletter for parents to see what is going on in class. You can share blogs that may be of interest for parents, which in turn builds a relationship with them.

Teachers can share blogs or websites that may be of interest to students as well as blogs that relate to a topic being studied in class. Students can read the blogs and comment on them, and post their own in response. It can be a great community-building tool for the classroom.

Link to my Google Shared Reader Items:


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