Melodee Sweeney Edtech Learning Log

My name is Melodee Sweeney and I am currently a graduate student in Boise State’s Educational Technology program. My hopes are that after completing the program, I will be able to better integrate technology into the classroom. This way I can create a better learning environment. I ultimately hope to become a full time online teacher. I plan on doing this by getting certificates in technology integration and online teaching.


3 thoughts on “Melodee Sweeney Edtech Learning Log

    • I do want to teach online. Thanks for the resources! My husband is a pilot and our goal when we retire (5 years at least) is to be able to have a job where we can work from wherever. I have had some experience with Florida Virtual School, my son took Algebra online, and his teacher lived in Texas. She raved about it and completely sold me. I love the classroom, I do. But, I love being at home too.

  1. Yes, it can be a conundrum choosing between F2F and online. Both have some good things, but the flexibility of being online is difficult to beat.

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